Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Choose to become rich!

A lot of people wants to get rich, yes but for what purpose? What is your real purpose that you want to get rich? Is it for your family? For comfort? To get all the things you want?

We may have a lot of reasons to become rich but here is my 1 of my reason why I want to get rich. Recently, 2 big calamities hit us (Philippines) particularly in the Visayas. I have seen on the news that a lot of people suffering, no food, nothing to eat nor drink, they are very desperate to get help.

I truly, truly want to help in a very big way, sure we have donated as much as we can in our own way but in me, there is a voice saying "do more!".

"Only if I am super duper rich!" I said to myself. As much as I want to do a lot for the victims, specially in Tacloban, I am only able to do so little.

What triggered this as 1 of my goal? One day, I was shopping for flash light, unfortunately I could not find any but what I saw in the hardware store was people buying generators.

"Why are they buying so much generator?" I asked the sales clerk.

"They are going to Tacloban, they are going to do a rescue operation" Said the sales clerk.

Right there, I realized that if I had so much money, I could do the same. I could lend a hand personally to those people in need.

On the other hand, I am so happy that the world lent out their hand in helping the victims of Yolanda.

My point is, we should get rich not because it is for us, but for the many who needs help. Getting rich is not easy, if it was, then everyone is rich!

If you have chosen to become rich, then I am with you. It's a difficult road but at least we are not alone. :)

God bless you!