Wednesday, October 9, 2013

True Story | Your current situation has a great purpose!

Back in 2006, I was 4th year high school, was about to graduate from high school. It was going to be another highlight of my student life, I was going to college!

When I was 4th year high school, I was really a fat person, I weighed around 210 lbs., my waist line was around 45 inches. When ever I go to malls to shop for shirts or pants, I always have to go to the "American Size" section because non of the local shirt or pants would fit me.

For my shirt, it always has to be XL the minimum and most of the times I often buy XXL or XXXL! My pants, always around 45. That was me when I was 4th year high school and I did not like my body shape at that time, I truly hated how my body was and always wanted to get rid of it!

The thing is, I was too lazy to exercise and go on a diet, I loved eating! Amazingly, the body that I always hated protected my life.

September of 2006, It was a Sunday, went out with my classmates and went to an Internet cafe and played DOTA. We were having so much fun. I normally place my phone in front of me and suddenly, someone grabbed my phone and walked out!

I thought it was my friends playing a trick on me but realizing that they were not, I went out and chased this snatcher and tried to get my phone back.

I ran to him, somehow "wrestled"with him and to my shock, he pulled out an ice pick and stabbed me on my chest nearing the armpit. (When we sing our national anthem, you put your hands over your chest, on your fingertips, that is the area where I was stabbed but only on the right chest.)

Long story short, I was rushed to the hospital, got treated and got an x-ray. Miraculously, none of my muscles got hit, no internal damages and not any human meat got hit, why? My fats protected it. It was only the fat that got hit! Nothing else.

The thing that I wanted to be gone had a purpose and served it. God meant that I become lazy at that time, God meant that I do not go on to a diet because He knew that this would happen. God still protected me through my body, through the fat.

After recovery, I finally went to a diet and exercised. I weigh 160 lbs now. (Still needing to lose more) 

Friends, you may not understand what you are going through now, you may hate your situation. You may be broken hearted, you may be in a financial difficulty, drowning in debt, having family problems, jobless or you are trying to change yourself physically.

Let me tell you this, everything that is happening now has a purpose, my fat body protected my life, your problems are not different. Your problems now will make you stronger and after having served its purpose, your happy days will come!

Have a blessed journey!

God bless!

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